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Six Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes

Are you looking for expert tips to repair your car smoothly and fast? Here we are giving you expert tips from experienced mechanics for your DIY car repair fixes and we also added what are the things to avoid while repairing a car. So you will how to keep your car safe while fixing problems.

It is not necessary to be a car mechanic or auto geek to know how to maintain a car, how to do simple repairs, and how to keep your car for a long time in good condition. Great maintenance can extend the car’s lifetime by a few years. Here you will get the collection of quick fixes you can do easily to your car. It will help you save money, know your car’s condition, and prevent future repair bills.

Fixing the simple issues, in the beginning, avoid major car risks and failures. You should drive in your car feeling safe and sure.

Number 1: Coolant Change – You should check and change your car’s coolant regularly.

If you don’t know, the car does not last forever, the same applies to the coolant. Based on ace mechanics’ suggestions, every car coolant should get replaced after every 24, 000 miles. It is for green coolant. If you have a car with extended life coolant, it must be replaced every 100, 000 miles. If you did not change the coolant on schedule, you might be running on a worn coolant. It will cause you to radiator repair, heater problem, and water pump. So instead of doing coolant replacement, you have to replace the radiator, heater core, and water pump. It is not good for your bank balance.

Number 2: Fluid Change – Don’t avoid oil change, do it regularly

The differential oil and transfer case fluid changes are easy to do. these are cheaper also. If you neglect to do it, you have to replace the component which may cost you $2000 each, which is a high price for a mistake. So don’t do it.

Number 3: Cabin Air Filter – Don’t forget to replace your car air filter

It is needed once a year. So it is not that costly and complicated to do. If you skip this, it will get clogged. Do you know? A clogged cabin air filter adds more load on your car cooling system which eventually reduced heat in the winter.

Number 4: Test Coolant – Use a voltmeter and test the coolant

First, set the voltmeter on the lowest DC setting reading and put the positive point in the coolant. Connect the negative point to the negative battery terminal. Now reverse the engine to 2000 RPM. The reading should be 0.4 volts or more. It shows coolant needs repair.

Number 5: Headlights – Clean the headlights often

Cloud headlights are not helpful while driving. It does not need replacement, you can clean it and use them. Anyhow you will need a special tech kit to clean them.

Number 6: Corroded Battery Terminals – Keep terminals clean and rust free

The corroded battery terminals will lead to bad electrical problems. It adds more strain to the charging system and interrupts computer systems. Regular cleaning is its cheapest solution.